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January 13, 2009

If you get nervous and tongue tied at interviews, the following article could help you prepare for your next interview. Congratulations! You’ve got that all-important interview! It’s understandable that you’ll be nervous, but don’t worry – the tips below will help you out.

Face-to-face interview
These can take place with one or many interviewers present. Make sure that you find out in advance how many people will be in the room. Sometimes you won’t always be told in advance.

Before the interview DO
Research into the company. It’ll look good if you ask them questions as well as answering them.
1- Take a copy of your CV with you.
2- Find out if you’re expected to take any tests.
3- Plan your responses
4- Make a list of questions to ask about the role. Make sure that you know exactly where you are going, what time to arrive and who you are going to see. Check out roads and train routes in advance to allow yourself plenty of time.

Dress-up appropriately.

Plan ahead. Prepare thoroughly! Make sure that you have all the relevant information with you – including your CV and pen and paper.

Find a room where you are not likely to be interrupted.
Have a glass of water handy in case your mouth dries up!
Switch off your mobile phone if you’re taking the call on a landline. You don’t want your mobile ringing half-way through the interview.


1- Leave preparation to the last minute.
2- Panic if you get lost – keep calm, and call the company to let them know.

At the interview DO

1- Arrive at least 10 minutes early.
2- Maintain a good posture – body language is everything!

3- Maintain eye contact when speaking. Answer questions clearly – speaking too quickly can be seen as a sign of nervousness.

4- Ask questions about the company; this shows that you’ve done your homework.

5- Ask questions about the role – see the ‘Sample Interview Questions and Answers’ section.

6-If you have to take a test, don’t rush it. Take your time.


1- Arrive late without an explanation.

2- Avoid eye contact.

3- Speak negatively about your current/previous employer.

4- Forget to thank the interviewer for their time.

After the interview

If you were sent by an agency, actively seek feedback from them. If the feedback is negative, you can use this to improve for your next interview. If you applied for the job independently, the interviewer will probably have given you a time-frame in which to expect a decision. If you don’t hear anything back, make a point of calling to ask for their feedback.

Telephone Interview

Some companies may wish to have a telephone interview before they meet you in person. You will be told in advance the nature of the interview (technical, general chat etc).

During the interview

1- Listen to and answer each question carefully.
2- Make notes and tape-record if you wish.
3- Give short and precise answers.
4-Ask the interviewer any questions you may have.
5- Give a strong finish to strengthen your chances of a face-to-face interview.


1- Interrupt the interviewer.
2- Pause for too long.
3- Make any loud noises.
4- Try and do anything else while talking!

The second interview

If your first interview was successful then you may be called back for a second one. The people present in the second interview will vary depending on who interviewed you first time around. It could be a manager higher up the chain, or it could be someone from HR. Whoever it is, you’ll need to be prepared to answer tougher questions.

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Forensic Science Jobs in the UK

November 7, 2008

Forensic Science is a job sector that has become widely popular amongst new generation of scientists. Thanks to crime shows like CSI, Medical Detectives and others, people have realized the need and importance of Forensic Science in the society.

With the advent of new enhancements in medical sciences, the job market for Forensic Science has radically widened. Forensic Experts and other forensic professionals are greatly demanded in all over the globe including countries like UK, US, Australia.

What Qualifications you require for Forensic Science Jobs in UK?

To be a forensic expert in the UK you must be hold a bachelors degree in forensic science or a relevant life science degree. This is because of the delicacy of the work done by the forensic experts. For a forensic expert, theoretical and practical knowledge are both very important.

Career Scopes in Forensic jobs in UK:

Forensic Science offers a wide range of job profiles. Genetics Experts, Environment Analyst, Technicians, Forensic Medical Examiners and others are some of the main job profiles in Forensic Sciences in UK. Forensic experts are highly recruited in police, investigation companies, research agencies and many more. The field offers a safe and long term career along with a bright professional growth. In addition, the wide range of profiles gives one plenty of options to choose from.

Why choose UK for Forensic Science Jobs?

Availability of modern infrastructures

Good colleges, institutes and other education centers places

High number of job openings, recruitments and placement assurance

Good Salary Packages for everyone whether a fresher or an experienced holder

Ample of encouragement from government for forensic studies and its scholars

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Choosing Science As a Career

October 10, 2008

In today’s world there are enormous career options available and most of them are still conventional although new fields are emerging day by day but the usual Jobs like jobs in science sector are still the most conventional ones. Whenever we think about science job a picture that appears in our mind shows a person experimenting endlessly with rats and beakers but in present scenario scientist work in various diversified areas such as pharmacy, geological surveys, nanotechnology, quality control and marine jobs etc. Here, we have tried to explain few newly evolved jobs in science to some extent; these fields are not latest ones and were there in the science sector for many years but are not much popular as other fields are.

Geneticist: Genetics may be found in almost every field as it is the most widespread and speedily rising fields in science careers now a days, this involves cloning, curing genetic diseases etc. Genetics Engineering also involves cross breeding of animals and plants.

Artifact dating technician: This job involves variety of techniques like spectrography, tree ring analysis and carbon dating etc.

Automobile designer: This involves using the fields of physics, aerodynamics and mechanics to create automobiles.

Volcanologist: Volcanologists place and read monitors to determine volcanic action. Their goals may be forecasting, harnessing volcanic energy, or simply studying the causes and effects of volcanoes. You’ll find that your earnings will vary broadly, and will depend greatly on the status of your education, the need for your selected field, and where you want to job.

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Science Jobs in UK

July 16, 2008

If you ask for the job stream that assures utmost growth professionally, then undoubtedly the answer will be Science Stream. Science stream is an umbrella term referred for all sorts of the subjects linked with the science, research and analysis. Science jobs really acquaint thousands of scopes to make career. Commencing with the medical sector to the food science, science jobs are available in the widest of array. The finest thing is that each and every sector enables one to mold his career in the best of ways.

In country like UK, science stream has emerged as the most promising job sector. At present, majority of UK natives’ first choice for job is going to be the science sector for sure. Countries like UK confer the amplest growth opportunities and better work ambiance for science jobs.

What makes UK the aptest place for Science Jobs?

Science jobs in UK get simpler due to the modern technologies, equipments and infrastructure available here.

World’s most illustrious science institutes are sited in UK and that’s why science scholars from all round the globe gather here.

All the science firms / organizations in UK offer a good pay package to the professionals including the fresher levels. And pound being one of the most powerful currencies in the world, lets you earn additional benefits.

Also, UK policies are very liberal and friendly for Science Sector!

Loads of vacancies and job openings in the science sector inspire young generations to enter into the field.

After reading above benefits, you must be curious to know about the highest earning sectors from science stream. Here are some of the most significant streams:

Biology Jobs

Biology sector has been all alone endowing with the maximum science recruitments. Biology stream offers a huge array of jobs. In the recent developments, new genres in the stream have just boosted the biology sector. Molecular biology, environment biology, marine biology and many others have prime sectors gaining popularity. Also, frequent modernizations have enhanced the job securities in the field of biology.

Professionals from biology field are highly demanded in the Health, agriculture, medicals, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry and so on; list is endless.In addition, this sector offers loads of job profiles. Whether be a doctor to a MR; biology sector comprises every individual of the science streams.

Biotechnology Jobs

Biotechnology is the blend of biology and technology; is one of the most prospering sectors. In conjunction with day after day new discoveries and researches, this sector has been victorious in drawing maximal notice of young generation. Also, molecular biology, molecular genetics and many more streams have played major role in popularizing this sector. No wonder, presently maximum students are opting for the biotechnology courses.

Biotechnology jobs encompasses following industries: Agriculture, Health, Medicine, Engineering, Chemical and many more.

Qualifications required for Biotechnology Jobs: To be a biotech professional one needs to be graduate in this course. However, different organizations have different criteria of recruitments. Having a masters and PhD degree, sure going to boost your chances of growth in this sector.

Forensic Science Jobs

Forensic Science is one of the most talked about streams in science sectors. Shows like Medical detectives, crime files and others have already shown how forensic science has been the key in solving the most riddling crime scenes. For being so different in work fashion, forensic science can be termed as the most glamorous and challenging streams. However, one can not deny that though being very challenging; forensic science jobs are really high paying. Also, people in this job enjoy a distinct gravity in terms of positions that is somewhat not possible in other streams.

Forensic Science professional are recruited in the followings: Police, Private research and analysis organizations, judiciary, etc.

Attributes required for forensic science jobs: Sharp minded, ability to find minutest details, present observations and researches with loads of proof. Since, these professionals’ words play major in solving crime cases; they must be flawless at their skill.

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Leading Science Jobs and Recruitment Portal

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Jobs in Biotechnology

April 14, 2008

Biotechnology is a science that utilises living organisms to produce therapeutic drugs, diagnostics products and many other other products that greatly benefit society. Analysts have predicted that biotechnology will become one of the most important applied sciences in the 21st century


Biotechnology has many applications in health. Many therapeutics proteins are too complex to synthesize and so need to be manufactured in living cells such as bacterial, yeast and mammalian cells. These cells are often genetically manipulated to produce useful medicines. Biotechnology has led to the development of numerous antibiotics for the treatment of different infections and also to the development of a number of vaccines for the prevention of many diseases. Another important health application is in genetic testing. An individuals DNA may be screened to determine the presence of any mutated sequences that could indicate a risk of certain cancers or the on-set of certain adult diseases. Genetic testing is widely used in pre-natal screening and is also used in the forensic science industry.


Biotechnology is used in agriculture to improve crop yield and to make crops more robust to environmental stress making them resistant to insects that damage and lower crop yield. Crops are engineered to make them naturally resistant to environmental pests which in turn benefits the environment with the use of less pesticides and herbicides.

Biotechnology can also improve the nutritional value of food and improve it’s appearance and taste.


Biotechnology uses microorganisms to clear up many contaminated environments such as oil spillages at sea and is widely used in the treatment of sewage. The microorganisms metabolize contaminants to produce harmless by-products.

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